Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!

2017 Breeders

These are the breeding pens I have set up for 2017. I currently am planning on hatching a lot less birds this year than previously but will sell hatching eggs. If anyone is interested, please contact me for availability and price. I have been taking deposits since the first of the year.
Blue Frizzle cockerel over blue hens and splash.
Black Mottled over black Mottled.
Buff barred over buff barred
and Buff barred w/black over buff barred.
Mille Fleur bantam Cochin

Mille Fleur cockerel over Mille Fleur Frizzle hens.
Splash cockerel over black Mottled and splash Frizzle hens.
Turkeys - Royal Palm
Ducks -
Lavender Muscovy
Runners (BBS)
Peafowl - Contact for varieties available
2017 Listing............
India Blue, Bronze, silver pied, Opal WE and Purple
These 2 blue Mottled hens live in the black Mottled pen and may or may not lay anymore. Please be aware.
Red bantam Cochin